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Making a Difference: Specialty Family Foundation

December 8, 2011 by St. Eugene

Making a difference: Specialty Family Foundation

For many people, the Specialty Family Foundation is a new kid on the block regarding foundations that work in Los Angeles County.  Dr. Jim Peter, a successful businessman and research doctor, decided to invest a large sum of money into a foundation that would work in substance abuse and education of the most needy.  Before the foundation began, Dr. Jim Peter was known to be a type of Santa Claus.  He would visit inner-city schools and assist with monetary or in-kind gifts.  He would visit unannounced to the delightful surprise of many.  Dr. Kevin Baxter, the present superintendent of Catholic Schools, benefited from the goodness of Dr. Jim Peter when he was principal of St. Columkille School in South Central.  He, along with so many other principals in the inner-city recall with deep gratitude the goodness of Dr. Jim Peter.  He had a deep love of children and believed in the tremendous benefit of a Catholic Education for low-income children.

Dr. Jim Peter is no longer with us, but his legacy lives on.  Today the chairman of the Specialty Family Foundation is his eldest daughter, Mrs. Deb Estes.  She has continued the foundation’s work with a great sense of urgency in the present educational and financial climate.  St. Eugene is one of the first schools to benefit from the kindness of the Specialty Family Foundation.  Since the arrival of the foundation, there have been enormous capital improvements and a substantial enrollment increase in the school.  Visit St. Eugene to learn about what has happened and is happening today.   

Visit their website to learn more: www.specialtyfamilyfoundation.org


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