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Mission and SLEs

Mission Statement:

We the school community, of St. Eugene’s Parish, proclaim the Gospel message, as given to us by Jesus Christ. We work and learn together, respect ourselves and others, as we grow closer to God. 

Student Learning Expectations:

Lifelong Learners who:

-use study skills effectively

-have a curiosity and excitement for learning

-know where to go for information and how to interpret it

-view learning as an asset to their development and growth

Active Christians who:

-exemplify compassion, tolerance, justice, love, and respect for one another

-have the ability to make good moral choices based on the teachings of Jesus Christ

Collaborative Workers who:

-can read and write effectively

-establish and accomplish effective goals with others

-work as team players by using their unique gifts and talents

Active Community Members who:

-are interested and proactively involved in affairs affecting their community

Effective Communicators who:

-articulate and enunciate words and ideas clearly and effectively

-value the important of speaking, writing, and listening to communicate in their lives

Globally Aware Citizens who:

-understand their heritage

-respect cultural diversity within society

-are mindful of current events and word affairs

-are tolerant and accepting of differences

Character Pledge:

As a citizen of the St. Eugene Community, I (state your name), pledge to be more responsible, respectful, trustworthy, fair and caring, and to exemplify the character of a true Christian. 

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