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Volunteer at St. Eugene School

Each St. Eugene School family is asked to contribute 50 hours of service per year, and the school also welcomes community and alumni volunteers. 50 hours is easy to achieve if you do a little bit each month!

Here are some ideas to help you find the way you can best support St. Eugene School:

  • Chaperone a field trip,
  • Make school repairs or improvements,
  • Offer your professional services to the school (custodial, extermination, graphic design, printing…)
  • Coach a sports team (K-3 basketball, B basketball, varsity basketball, volleyball, flag football),
  • Supervise recess (9:30-11:00am) or lunch (11:30-1:00PM),
  • Take part in after school care,
  • Help your teacher in the classroom,
  • Participate on special PTO committees ,
  • Join an event planning committee,
  • Distribute marketing flyers in your neighborhood and spread the word about how great our school is,
  • Speak at church about why you send your kids to St. Eugene School and pass out school information!

Remember:  Keep your service hours books up to date and get your hours signed off by a staff member within 48 hours of your service!


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